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Say goodbye to pain and reclaim your youthful self.

Kinetic Balance was created to provide a holistic, pain free approach to physical therapy,  focusing on
finding and treating the cause of any problem rather than simply managing its symptoms.
With a passion for teaching people how to improve their flexibility, balance and posture at any age, for
working with equestrians and their horses, and for finding solutions to chronic conditions that were not
resolved by traditional therapies.

Our approach combines a traditional doctorate in physical therapy with
complementary approaches like the Feldenkrais Method, the Anat Baniel Method for Children, Myofascial
Release or Kinesiotaping to help you identify the habitual movements that get in the way of
what you are trying to achieve, and give you the tools you need to eliminate pain and reclaim your life.

No matter what is preventing you from enjoying all aspects of your life, our courses will give you the tools to  get you back to where you want to be!


Catherine Wycoff

Catherine has been a physical therapist for over 30 years, with an undergraduate degree from Belgium and a doctorate degree from Des Moines University. She was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method in the early nineties and was amazed by how such gentle Awareness Through Movement® sessions can rewire our brain to improve the way we move and live our lives. She has been teaching Feldenkrais ATM classes since 1999 and loves to watch her students learn to improve their flexibility, balance, posture, and rediscover how to move with ease and joy at any age. She has volunteered and setup private practices in Belgium, Laos, Taiwan, China, Burma, Australia and Austria in addition to the US.

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